Module 6 - Inclusive & Sustainable Industrial Development (6 ECTS)

Aims of the module:

Topics covered in the course include in particular:

  1. Introduction to the theory of industrialization and manufacturing structural transformation and the importance of of inclusive and sustainable industrial development (ISID)
  2. Strategies and issues in industrial development including topics such as import-substitution vs export promotion, balanced vs unbalanced growth, the relationship between industry and agriculture, technology and industrialization, FDI and industrialization, financing industrial development
  3. Experiences of industrial development: early experiences: US and Germany; the shift to the east:  Japan, Korea China; emerging industrial countries: India, Turkey, Indonesia, Mexico
  4. The challenges of ISID: conceptualisation and implementation through (i) infrastructure & energy, (ii) research and innovation, (Iii) trade capacity building (iv) employment generation and distributional mechanisms
  5. Case study analysis of practical implementation of ISID and development of policy recommendations based on ISID
  6. Overview of on-going work on industrial development and ISID within UNIDO and other international agencies

Learning Outcomes:

On successful completion, students…

  • have acquired a thorough understanding of the essential conceptual underpinnings as well as methodological foundations of industrial development as well as of ISID
  • are able to apply industrialization and ISID concepts ISID  to the analysis of practical industrial development challenges
  • are capable of developing practical policy recommendations for ISID policies against the background of particular country contexts
  • are able to assess the results of industrial policies and evaluate them against the exigencies of ISID