Aims and objectives
We aim at providing you with the scientific knowledge and the practical skills to work as a human rights expert in different professional environments.


Target group
We welcome students with at least a bachelor degree in a broad variety of academic disciplines from all world regions, with an open mind, empathy for human beings and a strong interest to experience the fascinating world of human rights.


We provide you with an innovative and interdisciplinary approach to human rights, with a strong emphasis on practice. Since we keep the number of students small, supervision is very personal so you get the most out of the programme. Your interests are taken very seriously - you have the opportunity to determine certain contents of your courses.


We offer you a broad variety of courses taught by university professors and academic lecturers from various disciplines as well as legal experts and human rights practitioners working in international organisations, human rights institutes, the corporate sector, development agencies and civil society organisations. The faculty represents the multi-cultural values that lie at the heart of our programme.


Field trip
We provide you with an enlightening and memorable field experience in the post-conflict situation in Kosovo, where the UN, the OSCE, the EU, NATO and other international organisations are jointly operating an international administration with a strong human rights mandate. The trip will last for one week where you stay with a local family and get the opportunity to have lively discussions about Kosovo's human rights issues with international actors, national human rights institutions, NGOs, media, universities and politicians.


Job opportunities
We will train you for a career as a human rights expert to be employed by governments, international organisations, development agencies, business corporations, research institutes and civil society organisations.

You might work as an election observer, officer for human rights monitoring and capacity building in the field, diplomat, trainer, mediator, consultant, researcher etc.