Field Trip to Kosovo

The field trip to a post-conflict area, such as Kosovo, offers students the ability to discuss human rights issues in post-conflict settings with international, national and local human rights institutions and civil society and gives them some very practice-oriented insight into the daily human rights work and the therewith related challenges and possible manifold approaches. Furthermore, students get to know the working and living conditions in a different cultural setting in an international environment. 

Visits of Institutions

Students of this programme are offered to visit international partner institutions such as the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights, the OSCE, UN institutions, the International Anti-Corruption Academy in order to gain insight into these organisations.

The field trip to Kosovo is organised by Marijana Grandits, Academic Coordinator of The Vienna Master in Human Rights.

Impressions from field trips

 Student Insights

Field Trip to Kosovo from 17-24 January 2017

Kosovo Reflection Paper by Students Cocoa Costales, Reina-Marie Loader, Flore Beaumond and Natalie Zamaria

Kosovo Reflection Paper by Students Laura Alberti and Ana Ruiz

Field Trip to Kosovo from 19-26 January 2016

Kosovo Field Trip - Reflection Paper by Students Lucia Costela, Laura Kraus, Lucas Palm and Ruggero Scatturro

Kosova/o Reflections by Students Elisabeth Bischofreiter, Vahnessa Espig, Nathalie Mikhailova and Tara Nissl

Kosovo Field Trip - Reflection Paper by Students Anja Hoffmann, Esubalew Ferede Tiruneh, Federica Brioschi, Kinzang Chedup, Mekonnen Tiruneh, Parastoo Fatemi and Sonja Stara

Field Trip to Kosovo from 14-20 January 2014

"A Serbian Spy" - The exploitation of ethnic nationalism to incapacitate freedom of media in Kosovo by Robert Fellner, Student

Human Rights - Challenges in Kosovo by Barbara Mataloni, Student

Human rights challenges in Kosovo by Ieva Liepina, Student

Field Trip to Kosovo from 13-20 January 2015

Kosovo Field Trip Report by Hsin-Cu (Cynthia) Wang, Student

Kosovo - A Brief Study by Jake Mendrik, Student

History under construction: observations on the process of building Kosovo as a nation-state by Amanda Isabel S. Ramos, Student

Field Trip to Kosovo from 15-22 January 2013

Journey to Kosovo: An observation on the state building process after 5 years of independence. A report by Hong Ming Kok, Student.

Kosovo – from theory of human rights protection and monitoring to the complex realities on the ground. A report by Güler Alkan, Student Representative.