Duration: October 2015 – February 2018 

Universities are also part of neighbourhoods. We all live, work and study in regions, villages, counties, cities or neighbourhoods. In Austria, currently five neighbourhood projects are funded by the Fonds Gesundes Österreich to integrate senior citizens into neighbourhood life. The projects aim to promote social cohesion, participation and social activities with and for seniors in the respective neighbourhoods.

The Fonds Gesundes Österreich authorized the University of Vienna to provide guidance and evaluation to the five neighbourhoods. The Institute for Sociology and the Postgraduate Center are currently evaluating these five regional projects in Vienna, Lower Austria, Salzburg, Burgenland and Styria as they develop and implement neighbourhood projects. Additionally, students in the fields of sociology and gerontology are given the opportunity to participate and do fieldwork in these projects and project staff is counselling them during this time of project-based learning ("service learning"). In 2017, a handbook about Healthy Neighbourhoods will be available in German.

For more information, please visit: www.gesunde-nachbarschaft.at