Why I studied "Cultural Management"

Alexandru Ivănoiu, Alumnus of the certificat course 2022/23 about the continuing education program "Cultural Management".

"The Cultural Management Diploma Course is probably the most up-to-date programme of its kind. In its compressed and intense structure it gives you knowledge, tools and consistent training for your cultural endeavours. For me, the biggest achievement was the courage that grew. I feel that culture is not anymore something hard to manage, complicated to fund and separated for the daily life. I found the courage to perceive it as vital, to see the sponsors as collaborators, to find a will and a way to persist. This is not small. This did not happen just for me, it is a perspective shared through all the 2023 group. I saw that in every module, in the way their projects developed and in the way they talk about culture. I strongly recommend the course excellently coordinated by Leonie Hodkevitch and Peter Schweitzer. Dear future candidate you do not need a 2 year long course, you need the right one."

Alexandru Ivănoiu
Certificate course "Cultural Management" 2022/2023

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