Key Topics

The key topics of the programme are:

  • Relationship between motor skills, socialisation and self-development
  • Psychomotor teaching and learning method: intrinsic motivation (self-determination), efficient learning (learning with several senses)
  • Systematic observation of movements used as a basis for motodiagnostics
  • Psychomotricity in kindergarten and school, with adults and elderly people
  • Self-development


  • Schedule: Classes of the Psychomotricity programme are held in summer (on workdays in July and August) and in winter (Friday evenings and Saturdays in February and March). Hence, employed persons and students of relevant fields of study are able to attend the programme.
  • Venue: The programme takes place at the Centre for Sport Science and University Sports of the University of Vienna. The courses “Body Awareness and Social Experience I: Introduction to Experiential Education” and “Body Awareness and Social Experience II: Experiential Education and Outdoor Activities” are held in a suitable area outside of Vienna.