Certificate Course "Risk Management"

The aim of the certificate course "Risk Management" is to convey a basic understanding of natural, technical or socio-economic processes and their possible influences and consequences, as well as the identification and assessment of the corresponding risks.

Short Facts

Certificate of the University of Vienna
2 semester
15 ECTS Credits
€ 2,200.-
September 2023

The certificate course provides participants with an overview of topics such as:

  • Terminologies, glossaries, technical terms and strategies in the field of risk and disaster management.
  • Possible impacts of natural, technical and/or socio-economic processes contributing to the emergence of risks, crises and disasters.
  • Dealing with risks and developing risk management plans and concepts in selected sub-areas, based on the principles.
  • Introduction to the basics of staff work for coping with crises and catastrophes.
  • Dealing with affected persons and/or media in the event of a crisis or disaster.
  • Principles for the independent performance of a risk assessment of an organization or a system.
  • The certificate course can be attended by the participants for obtaining the certificate risk manager according to ÖNORM D 4903 can be used.

The courses are attended by students of the certificate course as well as those of the university course. Details (exact times, location, lecturer, etc. ) at the end of the certificate course are available on request, but no later than upon admission to the certificate course.

Introduction to risk prevention and disaster management 2 VO
Natural hazards or optionally socio-economic aspects of vulnerability and resilience 2 VU
Spatial risk planning and technical risk management 2 VU
risk communication 3 UE
Integrated staff work/ business game  3 UE
Risk management for organizations and systems 3 VU

The courses take place mainly in Vienna and the surrounding area - but occasionally also in other parts of Austria, such as Kühtai or Bruck/Mur. Accommodation will be organised by OeRISK if required, but is not included in the course fees.