Module 5 - Exercises (6 ECTS)

Module Goals:

  • Application of the theoretical and practical principles of leadership.
  • Understanding the distinctive leadership structures in disaster management.
  • Knowledge of communication flows during (staff work) emergency operation procedures.
  • Implementation of a situation report including major incidents.

Learning Outcomes:

On completion of the module, students will have obtained knowledge on …

  • Practical and integrated leadership techniques for emergency operations, organising, structuring and leading staff during disaster scenarios on the basis of the Austrian SKKM (State-wide Crisis and Disaster Protection Management Organisation).
  • Principles and techniques of leadership and will be able to apply these to specific disaster scenarios.
  • Independent Preparation of all relevant documents for emergency operations.
  • Communication flows during emergency operation procedures.
  • The procedure and flow of leadership techniques and their application in the relevant field areas.
  • Methods for developing situation reports and outlining major incidents clearly.
  • The principles of exercise theory and methods and can independently organise and execute emergency operation exercises.