5 reasons for the certificate course "Cultural Management"

5 reasons for the postgraduate program "Cultural Management" offered at the University of Vienna:

 Project management skills for the social and cultural sectors

The extra-occupational certificate course "Cultural Management" provides you with strategic knowledge and practical skills to help you establish and manage your cultural and social projects, organization, and career.

 Interdisciplinary lecturers and practitioners

The interdisciplinary team of lecturers includes practitioners and scholars active in the cultural field, private business sector, architecture, public institutions, radio, anthropology, and academia from the University of Vienna and U.S. universities. Therefore the certificate course offers academic knowledge as well as insight into best practices and experiences from the field.

 Practical tools

In only 1 semester the certificate course "Cultural Management" provides you with a hands-on tool-kit including project management, financing and sponsoring and handling cross-border cooperation. It empowers you with communication and presentation skills, as well as audience development and media management competences.

 International network

Both, the diverse team of lecturers and the group of participants from all over the world, contribute to the international atmosphere and foster an intercultural exchange of ideas and practices while intensely working on individual tasks. The small group size enables an in-depth exchange. 

 Innovative contents with social relevance

As the participant of a state-of-the-art postgraduate program you gain valuable insight into trends in the cultural management field. The Living City module, for example, features docents and organizations strongly involved in urban projects with community engagement and social relevance.