Module 4 - Living City

Workload in hours: 75
ECTS Credits: 3
Units: 30 


This module offers detailed expertise to engage with contemporary expressions of cultural life: Innovative City, Community Participation, Social Inclusion, and Festivals.
The participants will explore cultural and social projects as part of Urban Planning, Social Inclusion, and Resistance Art. Based on scenarios from European cities, sustainable and/or dramatic visions for change will be developed and discussed. The incorporation of Community Art into the city and its cultural scene will be practiced. Social Inclusion as a necessary part of cultural projects will be defined and debated.
Knowledge acquired in the first three modules will be summarized and applied to overarching formats.
Participants learn to understand and experience society and culture as an integrated unit, which they can contribute to concretely in the future.
Part of the module will be conducted through study visits and conversations at venues of social and cultural work.

Contents and Thematic Focus Areas

  • Culture in Transition
  • Triggering, Channeling and Integrating Urban Processes
  • Interdisciplinary Collaboration
  • Planning of Large Scale Projects
  • Inventing and Developing New Project Formats
  • Recognizing and Anticipating Trends
  • Specials: Festivals, Museums and Urban Projects


*subject to change