Module 9 e - Special Topics in Sustainable Development (open optional module - 6 ECTS)

Aims of the module:

Topics covered in the module include in particular:

  1. Topics of specific interest and relevance for sustainable development: Students will deepen their understanding of specific topics of relevance to sustainable development by way of attending courses at an equivalent master level at the University of Vienna
  2. Research-oriented work by organizing and/or participating at workshops, conferences or other academic meetings, where students will have to opportunity to present their research work and discuss the research work of others, respectively.

Learning Outcomes:

On successful completion, students...

  • demonstrate their substantial understanding of special issues or topics relating to sustainable development
  • conduct critical analysis and develop policy recommendations on selected issues and topics related to sustainable development
  • demonstrate their capacity to present own research work and critically discuss research work of others in selected fields of sustainable development
  • demonstrate their capacity to organize and structure academic events and research-oriented endeavors