Every year we aim to support some students with financial aid to cover fully or partially the programme fee. The number of scholarships and the amounts are subject to yearly contributions of external donors, who form the economic advisory board of our programme.

Only excellent candidates with outstanding academic or professional performances will be nominated for the selection to our economic advisory board which ultimately appoints the scholarship holder(s).

Since the funding from donors is very limited and not guaranteed, candidates from the Global South are given preference. If you would like to apply for a scholarship please send us your complete application and additionally a scholarship application letter until 5 March 2019. Scholarship applications cannot be taken into consideration after 5 March 2019.

We recommend that you apply at relevant institutions for a scholarship that would cover the tuition fee and possibly also your living costs in Vienna.

Please do not approach our sponsors directly since we propose successful candidates to the nomination committee.

Hermann & Marianne Straniak Scholarship 2018

The Hermann and Marianne Straniak Full Scholarship 2018 for the Vienna Master of Arts in Human Rights was awarded to Ms. Zaineb Ali from Pakistan. Read more.

We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to the Hermann and Marianne Straniak Foundation for supporting our young yet aspiring and renowned program since the beginning. This scholarship was the first full scholarship awarded and we would like to especially thank them for this opportunity. At the Master of Human Rights, we believe in equal access to education and the opportunity to self-realization. We, as well as our students know and value the access to higher education and the great advantages it brings to an individual and the society as a whole. This scholarship opportunity signifies the values we stand for, for every individual, and by allowing for one individual to benefit from it, we hope that the gesture will spread out and give way to more activists who believe in the right to education and will return this opportunity by creating a new opportunity for another individual in the world.


Previous Hermann and Marianna Straniak Scholarships:

The Hermann and Marianne Straniak Full Scholarship 2017 was awarded to Adelaida Ingrid Rivera Pena from Colombia. Read more

The Hermann and Marianne Straniak Full Scholarship 2016 was awarded to Mr. Jones Kayuma Makayi from Zambia. Read more