We aim at providing you with the scientific knowledge and the practical skills to work as a human rights expert in different professional environments. The number of participants per academic year is limited to maximum 30 students in order to provide you with the best possible support.

This interdisciplinary and practice-oriented postgraduate programme comprises of 9 obligatory modules (95 ECTS), a Master thesis (20 ECTS) and a thesis defence (5 ECTS), adding up to 120 ECTS in total.

  • Semester 1: Courses introducing human rights, its protection mechanisms and its interdisciplinarity
  • Semester 2: Courses focusing on specific human rights and specific groups
  • Semester 3: Internship/Research placement
  • Semester 4: Simulation of a human rights body session, Master thesis research, development and writing



We welcome students with at least a bachelor degree in a broad variety of academic disciplines from all world regions, with an open mind, empathy for human beings and a strong interest to experience the fascinating world of human rights. The diversity of individuals with different personal and professional backgrounds is a great resource of a mind broadening learning experience, powerful discussions and personal exchange. It is an excellent opportunity to develop a strong professional and international network in-class and after you have finished your studies by building strong relationships with your lecturers and fellow students.


Practice oriented

Our multifaceted faculty is not only composed of university professors and academic lecturers from various disciplines but also of well-selected human rights practitioners working in international organisations, human rights institutes, the corporate sector, development agencies and civil society organisations.

We provide you with a field experience in a post-conflict situation to Kosovo as well as other relevant excursions to international organisations based in Vienna.

During your internship/research placement you will be able to build on the content you were provided in the first two semesters and you will have the chance to test your newly gained human rights skills in the professional environment.



Get a holistic understanding and the methodological and substantive skills to address topics from an interdisciplinary perspective and learn how they are inter-connected. We provide you with the tools to see human rights from a legal, historical, theological, philosophical, anthropological, psychological, sociological, political/international relations’ and media perspective.


Teaching methods and assessments

The Vienna Master in Human Rights employs a rich variety of teaching staff with a widespread range of experience and expertise. Each lecturer has a different teaching style however, as a rule, we try to keep our lectures student-centred where students play an equally active role in the learning process. The credits at the Vienna Master in Human rights must be achieved by active participation, thorough preparation for lectures, successful completion of written examinations, group work participation, a master thesis in the field of human rights and an oral defense.