Scholarship Academic Year 2016/18

This academic year´s Hermann and Marianne Straniak Full Scholarship 2016/18for the Vienna Master of Arts in Human Rights, out of the many highly qualified applicants was awarded to Mr. Jones Kayuma Makayi from Zambia.

Jones obtained his Bachelor of Law Degree at the Zambian Open University. He is an employee of Solwezi Municipal Council as the Legal Officer who has been in the local government service for over six years. He is responsible for among other things to offer professional advice to the formation of policy direction and formulation, as well as decision making in regards to laws and principles of human rights. The Council deals with issues of displacement of individuals from their land in order to undertake public infrastructure, acquisition of land by women, and the less privileged in society. The knowledge and skills which Jones will acquire through this Master Program will be relevant to the Officer´s discharge of his functions by providing professional advice to the Council so that decisions are made in the light of human rights and its principles.

Jones hopes that this master program will further develop his knowledge and understanding of Human Rights and enable him to contribute to the advancement of Human Rights in order to attain national development in his country. As he mentioned in his acceptance speech,” his career prospects are to become a well-trained Human Rights Practitioner who will in diverse ways and through various fora contribute to the promotion, observance and respect of Human Rights of all people regardless of race, religious orientation or ethnicity of an individual”.

We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to the Hermann and Marianne Straniak Foundation for supporting our young yet aspiring and renowned program since the beginning. This year’s scholarship was the first full scholarship awarded and we would like to especially thank them for this opportunity. At the Master of Human Rights, we believe in equal access to education and the opportunity to self-realization. We, as well as our students know and value the access to higher education and the great advantages it brings to an individual and the society as a whole. This scholarship opportunity signifies the values we stand for, for every individual, and by allowing for one individual to benefit from it, we hope that the gesture will spread out and give way to more activists who believe in the right to education and will return this opportunity by creating a new opportunity for another individual in the world.  

Click here to read Jones' acceptance statement.