Hermann and Marianne Straniak Scholarship 2018

(c) Martin Ruiz Rueda

This academic year´s Hermann and Marianne Straniak Scholarship 2018 for the Vienna Master of Arts in Human Rights was awarded to Zaineb Ali from Pakistan.

Zaineb graduated from Webster University in Vienna with a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations. She was one of the top 10% students of the Webster Worldwide Class and rewarded a Certificate of Recognition by the Dean of the university for her academic excellence. She also studied the same subject in the London School of Economics for a year and got an average grade equivalent of a merit mark.

Besides her academic success, Zaineb has been actively engaged in various activities and causes on and off campus. Her outstanding academic and interpersonal skills got her selected as one of a handful to help promote Webster University and to assist new students. She has been an active member of the Executive Council of Diplomats of Development, a student society convened by the London School of Economics Institution, where she arranged panel discussions and numerous lectures on national and international topics in the field of law and politics. Her article on Sectarianism in Pakistan was published in the annual magazine of the university.

Coming from a country that the political instability and disparity between rich and poor created many misfortunes and inequalities, providing equal rights and opportunities have been always on her agenda. Zaineb worked with Caritas, a global charity organization, to help to receive and provide immediate necessities including shelters for the newly arrived refugees. She welcomed these distraught and frightened newcomers with open arms and used her language skills and calming nature to facilitate wherever possible. She also took the initiative to raise funds to help these individuals. Zaineb was as well involved in the work of Shifa Foundation, an NGO focuses on health, nutrition and safe water for deprived segments of Pakistan. She campaigned to raise awareness of and advocated for women’s rights in regard to domestic abuse, offered counselling and aided in relaxation therapy.

With her knowledge in International Relations and background of growing up in a developing country, Zaineb deeply understands the importance of human rights to building a healthy society and eager to make a difference. With the Hermann and Marianne Straniak Scholarship, she is equipped with the resource to further her study and contribute to the betterment of society in the future.

We would once again like to express our deepest gratitude to the Hermann and Marianne Straniak Foundation for their continued support of our programme.