New Video – “Open Doors” out soon

Last summer a group of students, alumni, artists and the team of the programme came together to create an idea for promoting and celebrating the Vienna Master of Arts in Human Rights. Eventually the idea took shape in the form of a musical image video.


Working with an international team, Camera (Peru), Director of Cinematography (Argentina) and Art/Creative Director (Ireland), as well as students from all over the world and different generations collectively, we have made a wonderful documentary following a day in the life of a human rights student at the University of Vienna. In the process, we captured the historic and beautiful city of Vienna in all its magic, a beautiful place to live and study. The song of the video was specifically written and composed by members of the Vienna Songwriting Circle, a group of international musicians based in Vienna.


Shot in locations around the city, the video and title track to our project, will introduce you to our human rights family here in Vienna and further afield. It gives you a glimpse of the diverse facetted offer of the Vienna Master in Human Rights - from individual care, practice oriented learning and interdisciplinarity.



Watch this space as we begin the countdown to the launch for the new video ”Open Doors". Also follow us on Facebook for more updates.  


Leopoldsberg, Vienna 2017