Entry into Austria

Since the programme duration is two years international students have to take up residence in Austria. Regulations about the entry into Austria depend on the citizenship.

1. EU/EEA and Swiss citizens
EU/EEA and Swiss citizens only require a valid passport or ID card to enter Austria. However they need to apply for a Confirmation of Registration ("Anmeldebescheinigung" at the Municipal Department 35 (Immigration and Citizenship, "Magistratsabteilung 35, Einwanderung, Staatsbürgerschaft") since they are staying in Austria for more than 3 months.

2. Citizens of non-EU/EEA countries (third country citizens)
Exchange students with a citizenship of non-EU/EEA countries have to apply for a residence permit for Students (“Aufenthaltsbewilligung Studierender) and might require a visa for Austria, even if they have a residence permit from another European country.

Please note that incoming students are responsible for their visa application by themselves. The Vienna Master in Human Rights is not involved in the application process. As processing a visa application may take up several weeks or even months, we strongly advise you, to file your application as early as possible. As you will have to await the approval of your application in your home country, you should submit your application at least three months before you are going to arrive in Austria.

Detailed information on the entry and residence requirements is available here: