Pioneering Human Rights - Vienna Master of Arts in Human Rights, Selected Theses Class of 2014

We are delighted to have been able to publish the first of our collection of master theses from our first generation of students. Our collection includes the top seven Master theses of the graduating class 2014 that have been chosen by the academic advisory board of the Vienna Master in Human Rights.


The works in this volume cover the depth and breadth of the field of human rights from an interdisciplinary perspective. Ranging from the rights of refugees and children to peace and conflict, drug policy and the role of mass media in the documenting of Human Rights abuses across the globe. Each chapter of the book offers unique perspectives and case studies mirroring the diverse academic background of both our incredible faculty and students.


That is why our very first published volume of master theses truly is a work of academic excellence; dedicated to ALL students of our first generation of graduates who are our pioneers. The Vienna Master of Arts in Human Rights has enabled students to develope a strong and common identity as the first group of Vienna-educated human rights professionals, now engaged in all kinds of projects and roles around the world and became the first human rights ambassadors of the University of Vienna.


This volume is a testament to the values that our Masters programme has provided to our students. At the very core of the volume lies a salient message: there is more that unites us than divides us. Published at a time where the world has seen the number of refugees since the second world war, we are certain our pioneers theses will inspire hope and change to transcend the barriers that lay ahead of achieving all human rights, for all.

Publications on human rights and corruption

We are happy to share articles written by our students Ruggero Scaturro and Elisa Klein during their internship semesters. Both dealt with human rights and corruption.

Ruggero Scaturro worked at IACA (International Anti-Corruption Academy) in Laxenburg. His article "Promoting a Human Rights Based Approach to Anti-Corruption" was published:

Elisa interned at Transparency International in Berlin. She participated in writing report "Mozambique: Overview of corruption and anti-corruption", which was published:

Podcast - Mental health and wellness across indigenous communities in Canada

Our alumni Mimi Chakrabarty graduated in September 2016 and now works as a manager of health policy and programs in Ottawa with Inuit women's organizations.

She wrote her thesis on Canada's indigenous women and was recently interviewed by "Policy Talks" to discuss the causes and possible solutions to improving mental health and wellness across indigenous communities.

You can listen to the podcast on this interesting and critical issue here: