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Through processes such as globalisation and digitalisation, the economy, law and society are subject to constant change. The study programme Digital Communication and Law deals with these changes and shows how they can be used for innovation processes. We provide the tools and skills to be able to recognise and use them from an entrepreneurial perspective. The lecturers of the Digital Communication and Law programme are up to date in this respect and pass on their knowledge.

 Focus on multidisciplinarity and internationality

Since transformation processes no longer take place only nationally, an international perspective is indispensable. A wide variety of international industries is included to ensure broad access to the topic of digital communication and law. The knowledge transfer of both topics, digital communication on the one hand and law on the other, takes place through a combination of theory and practice. That is why excursions to various institutions and companies are also included in the teaching programme.

 A unique combination of the fields of media and law

Do you know,

  • Why in the ORF-TV-Thek the contributions are deleted after seven days?
  • Whether children's photos may be shown unpixilated in TV reports and why?
  • What the right to be forgotten actually means?
  • How the professional situation of journalists in Europe has changed and will change?
  • Who holds which exploitation rights to a YouTube video and under what conditions, and how one can make a living from it?

The Digital Communication and Law certificate course deals with exactly these kinds of questions.

 Learning directly from best practice examples

Learn directly from successful examples from the field about how the changes in digitalisation and law can be used optimally. Not only will senior industry representatives and leading academics introduce the topic in the form of digital lectures, but a planned week of excursions will also provide additional insights into practice

 Suitable for different fields of study and previous education

Do you want to understand the changes in your media industry? Whether you are a communicator in a private company or in the public sector, a PR professional, a media manager or a journalist, the certificate course is perfect for this! It is also ideal for lawyers who want to understand how their industry affects communication and how their industry is being changed by digital communication. Likewise, students of law, politics, media and communication studies who want to deal intensively and at a high level with the latest trends in this field will receive optimal training.