From 2012 until 2019 (last start of the program) the University of Vienna offered a Master of Arts in Human Rights under the direction of Dr. Manfred Nowak.

Short Facts

Academic degree
MA - Master of Arts in Human Rights
4 semesters (full-time)
120 ECTS


This interdisciplinary and practice-oriented postgraduate program comprised of 9 obligatory modules (95 ECTS), a Master thesis (20 ECTS) and a thesis defence (5 ECTS), adding up to 120 ECTS in total.

  • Semester 1: Courses introducing human rights, its protection mechanisms and its interdisciplinarity
  • Semester 2: Courses focusing on specific human rights and specific groups
  • Semester 3: Internship/Research placement
  • Semester 4: Simulation of a human rights body session, Master thesis research, development and writing


The Bridge is an officially registered Vienna-based NGO run by graduate students from the Vienna Human Rights Masters. The intention behind the organisation is to bridge the gap between academia and human rights practice. Via interdisciplinary projects, events and interactive discussions, the students aim to create a space for constructive dialogue so as to productively contribute to the human rights canon.

A particular focus of The Bridge is to do grassroots work and collaborate with other NGOs both in Vienna and elsewhere. Any students or human rights practitioners, academics or activists are invited to join in raising awareness about some of the more pressing issues of our contemporary world.