Master-Theses Human Rights

The graduates of the postgraduate program "Human Rights" have written their master's theses on the following topics:

  • Alexandra Abelkis, MLS: Does the International, Impartial and Independent Mechanism Mean Hope for Syria?
  • Mag.iur. Victoria Biber, LL.M.: Unaccompanied Minor Refugees - Selected lssues on the Vulnerability of Unaccompanied Minors from a Human Rights Perspective on the Example of Austria
  • Mag.iur. Dr.iur. Alrun Cohen-Soyer, LL.M.: Artificial Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism Challenges and Chances for Human Rights
  • Mag. Maria Dimcheva, LL.M., LL.M.: ‘KEY PRINCIPLE OF NON-DISCRIMINATION  IN THE ENJOYMENT OF SOCIAL-ECONOMIC RIGHTS’ with a special focus on the universal rights of migrant workers
  • Caio Henrique Godoy da Costa, LL.M.: Punitivism in the Inter-American Court of Human Rights: A Call for Self-Limitation within Human Rights Systems
  • Mag.phil. Andrea Götzelmann-Rosado, MLS: Accompanied Children in Austrian Asylum and Alien Law Procedures: The Right to Effective Participation
  • Elizabeth Herman, MLS: Inter-State Complaints Mechanism in International Human Rights Law: A Change in Course and its Potential for Increased Enforcement
  • Dr.phil. Michael Mair, MLS: The Useful Foreigner. A Campaign for Asylum Seekers in Vocational Training and its Impact
  • Christian Davis Moorman, MLS: Against the Classical Distinction Between Positive and Negative Human Rights: A Case for Shue’s Tripartite Model
  • Alena Morgan, LL.M.: The Impact of Peacemaking in the Post-Modern, Globalized Context of Conflicting Human Rights Norms and Evolving Notions of Governance
  • Bc. Ondrej Pavlik LL.M.: Comparative Analysis of Global Human Rights Sanctions Regimes - the EU, UK, US and Canadian Approaches
  • Mag.iur. Miriam Soldan, LL.M.: Shari`a-based Reservations to the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (UNCAT) - A Comparative Analysis between Pakistan and Qatar
  • Mag.iur. Aida Spahovic, LL.M.: Legal aspects of the use of social media by States during armed conflicts: The example of the Hamas-Israel War
  • Berk Cem Tatar, LL.M.: A Nascent Approach to Human Rights v. Diplomatic Immunity
  • Mag.iur. Dr.iur. Gabriel Thurner, LL.M.: Free Will in an Arab Human Rights Context: An Incompatibility of Arab Human Rights Sources with International Human Rights Regarding Religious Freedom and Gender Equality?
  • Wilson Carlisle Von Kessler, LL.M.: Same Horse, Different Color: The Incorporation of Defamation of Religion into the Broader Concept of Hate Speech at the International Level and the Danger it Poses to Religious and Political Minorities
  • Victoria Wurtz,BA BA, MLS: India’s Kashmiri Pandits  Exodus from 1989 to 1991
  • JUDr. Mgr. Roman Zapletal, LL.M.: The right of the child to freedom of religion: Case-study of the Sharia-based reservation of Iraq to the Convention on the Rights of the Child