Changes in study law

On 1 October 2022, the amendment to the 2002 Universities Act will enter into force. The amendment has brought numerous changes. To best prepare for these changes, you can find information below on how the amendment will affect participants in continuing education and training programs. Please read this information carefully and contact the Program Management of your university continuing education and training program or certificate course if you have any questions. The Postgraduate Center team will do their best to assist you with your concerns.

If you are pursuing a degree program at the University of Vienna in addition to your continuing education and training program (e.g. bachelor's, diploma or master's program), we would like to direct your attention to the website

If you have any questions regarding your degree program, please contact the responsible colleagues via the contact form:


Payment deadline for the tuition fee/Student’s Union fee

The payment deadline ends one month earlier than before. You will receive a payment request via e-mail as usual. Take note of the new deadlines and pay as soon as possible.

  • For the winter semester: no later than 31 October
  • For the summer semester: no later than 31 March

Participants in university continuing education and training programs and certificate courses pay their Students' Union fees through the program/course fees as well as any additional program/course fees if the program duration is exceeded. As usual, you do not have to worry about paying the Students' Union fees.
However, please note that you may have to pay tuition fees if you exceed the degree program duration of degree programs at the University of Vienna.



The recognition of examinations, other academic achievements, activities and qualifications was, in part, newly regulated in the amendment to the Universities Act ("UG-Novelle").

New assessment criteria were introduced, deadlines for applications for recognition were determined, some formal criteria were abolished and the recognition of activities and qualifications was made possible.

Detailed information is available on the website of the Office of the Studienpräses: (in German)