Welcome to the Lifelong Learning Department of the Postgraduate Center. We believe that learning at a university means to be able to come back to university – after a first degree and after having started working life – on a regular basis. It means that universities offer interesting and practically relevant courses and programmes for all phases and seasons of life, until old age. We are interested in offering programmes for professionals of different sectors (i.e. law, health), different backgrounds, cultures, and ages.

We conduct lifelong learning projects in the area of national and European projects, fostering mutual European development and cooperation between universities in this area. Currently, we are conducting 9 lifelong learning projects in the areas of educational counselling, diversity and didactics, social responsibility of universities, gerontology, and several open learning formats with the objective of attracting audiences to the university, who would otherwise experience social, financial or structural barriers when attending a university course. These open learning formats are called our “University Meets …”- series. They are free of charge.

We are committed to the EUA’s Charter on Lifelong Learning and are active participants in European and national networks for lifelong learning and continuing education (www.eucen.eu, https://dgwf.net, www.aucen.ac.at).