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The following links lead to more information, articles or websites about social responsibility of universities for their local environment, the city, NGOs, associations and local business networks:

Similar projects

CSR Projects

Project: CSR Platform (2004-2007)
Leader Organization: EABIS
Summary: This project mobilised researchers in supporting and developing research on corporate social responsibility and business in society issues within the European Research Area.

Project: Corporate Social Responsibility for SME’s
Leader Organization: Hanse-Parlament e.V.
Summary: Supporting the social responsibility of SMEs and at the same time increasing competitiveness, innovativeness and productivity.

Project: Impact Measurement and Performance Analysis of CSR (2010-2013)
Leader Organization: Öko Institut e.V. and EABIS
Summary: This project created new tools and further developed existing ones to measure the impact of CSR at different levels.

ProjectInnovative strategies for CSR project (2005-2008)
Leader Organization: ICEP (Austria) and Codespa (Spain), Boston Consulting Group Spain and others.
Summary: The project describes nine leading EU corporations and their challenges in developing and implementing global CSR strategies. In 2009, "The global CSR case-book" was published.

Project: RARE (2004-2007)
Leader Organization: Öko Institut e.V.
Summary: This project aimed to improve understanding of how CSR can be enhanced in the EU and contribute to sustainable development through a combination of theoretical and practical research.

Civic Engagement

Project: ENGAGE Europe Engage – Developing a Culture of Civic Engagement through Service-Learning within Higher Education in Europe 
Leader Organization: Universidad Autonoma de Madrid
Summary: ENGAGE is a 3-year project funded by the European Union (Erasmus+ programme) with the purpose of identifying existing service-learning practice, promoting service-learning as a pedagogical approach, and creating a network in this region, where much remains to be done in terms of civic engagement and service-learning.

Third Mission

Project: European Indicators and Ranking Methodology for University Third Mission
Leader Organization: Valencia University of Technology
Summary: The aim of this project is to generate a comprehensive instrument to identify, measure, and compare Third Mission activities of HEIs from a wide perspective.

Project: Institutional framework for development of the third mission of universities in SerbiaLeader Organization: University of KragujevacSummary: IF4TM encompasses many activities that indirectly contribute to promoting of entrepreneurial skills among young researchers and students.