Fachseminar 2: Inclusive Competitiveness

Seminarleitung: Pablo Collazzo
Unterrichtssprache: Englisch

The empirical evidence points at significant increases in GDP across Latin America over the last ten years. However, those GDP figures have not always translated into poverty alleviation and income redistribution towards more inclusive economic development. A decade ago, the proportion of people in poverty in the region was about 2.5 times those in the middle class. Today, that share is just about the same, which suggests that more needs to be done. Yet that limited social mobility is placing increasing demands on public services like education, health care and infrastructure. Such progress requires fueling capital, employment, technology and knowledge, along with the institutional capacity to achieve inclusive growth. Advancing in these areas will be more difficult than in recent years, as commodity prices decline, fiscal deficits soar and volatility prevails in global interest rates. The Seminar provides an opportunity to reflect on these challenges, discussing policy guidelines and priorities for both the public and the private sector to foster competitiveness.

Gemeinsamer Einführungstermin Fachseminar 1+2
Freitag, 23. Oktober 2015, 18.00 - 21.00 Uhr
Europasaal des LAI, Türkenstraße 25, 1090 Wien

1. Seminarblock
Freitag, 18. Dezember 2015, 18.00?-?21.00 Uhr
Samstag, 19. Dezember 2015, 10.00?-?16.00 Uhr
Österreichisches Lateinamerika-Institut, Schlickgasse 1, 1090 Wien

2. Seminarblock
Freitag, 8. Jänner 2016, 18.00?-?21.00 Uhr
Samstag, 9. Jänner 2016, 10.00?-?16.00 Uhr
Österreichisches Lateinamerika-Institut, Schlickgasse 1, 1090 Wien

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