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Stanford-Vienna Student Exchange Program

The Stanford-Vienna Student Exchange Program allows two students of Vienna's LLM Program in European and International Business Law each year to study as exchange students at Stanford Law School, and two students of Stanford Law School to attend Vienna's LLM Program in European and International Business Law as exchange students.

You will find more information about this student exchange program here: Stanford Student Exchange Program

2021-2022 Call for Applications from Incoming Stanford Students for a Tuition Scholarship Incl. Application Form (pdf) (Deadline: April 15, 2021)


International Professional Certificate Summer Program Understanding U.S. Intellectual Property Law

Stanford Law School offers an international summer program in U.S. intellectual property law annually in August. The LLM Program in European and International Business Law established a partner program with this summer program at Stanford.

Stanford Law School accepts four LLM students for this summer program every summer, who do not have to pay any tuition for this summer program. Stanford Law School may accept additional LLM students under favorable conditions by reducing the summer program tuition substantially. All other expenses (flight, accommodation etc) must be covered directly by the individual LLM students. The review of all applications and selection will be done by the partner university.

Summer program participants, who successfully complete this summer program, will receive a Stanford Law School Certificate.

In the summer of 2019, twelve LLM students enrolled and successfully completed the 2019 summer program.

The application deadline for the 2021 summer program is March 15, 2021.

All applications must be submitted via Stanford's online application form: summer program application form

Please also inform Prof. Fina and Dr. Sturm, when you submit an online application for this summer program.

This Stanford summer program is recognized as an elective course for the LLM Program in European and International Business Law, with a value of 3 units (6 ECTS).

Please contact Professor Siegfried Fina for more details.


Stanford-Vienna EU Law Working Paper Series

The Stanford-Vienna European Union Law Working Paper Series is a joint initiative of Stanford Law School and the University of Vienna School of Law's LLM Program in European and International Business Law. Exceptional student papers are published in this working paper series.

If you wish to access the collection of the Stanford-Vienna European Union Law Working Paper Series, please click here: Collection

Most recently published LLM master theses:

Jacob Lundqvist, Screening Foreign Direct Investment in the European Union: Prospects for a "Multispeed" Framework (Paper No. 36)

Wouter ter Bogt, The Forth European Anti-Money Laundering Directive: A Critical Review of the Interaction Between the Risk Based Approach, Customer Due Diligence and Beneficial Ownership (Paper No. 34)

María Belén Saénz Cardenal, Vertical Restraints on E-Commerce in the Context of the Single Digital Market Initiative of the European Commission (Paper No. 23)


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