Stanford Student Exchange Program

LLM Exchange Semester at Stanford Law School, Silicon Valley, California

Study Emphasis: U.S. Business Law/U.S. Intellectual Property & Technology Law

The Stanford Student Exchange Program allows two students of Vienna's LLM Program in European and International Business Law each year to study as exchange students at Stanford Law School for one semester. Admitted exchange students can study at Stanford Law School in the autumn quarter (September-December) or in the winter quarter (January-March) or in the spring quarter (April-June). Exchange students must hold a first law degree and be enrolled in Vienna's LLM Program in European and International Business Law, also during the exchange semester at Stanford.

Exchange students can transfer and use up to 12 unit credits earned at Stanford Law School as unit credits for elective courses for Vienna's LLM Program in European and International Business Law.

Vienna's LLM students do not have to pay any tuition at Stanford University. However, all other costs (travel, housing, living expenses, health insurance, course materials, student visa expenses, etc) must be covered directly by the exchange students.

Application deadline for the academic year 2024-2025: March 15, 2024

All applications must be submitted in English and by e-mail as a single pdf document to

Applicants must submit the following documents in their application:

  • cover letter
  • CV
  • personal statement (no more than two pages describing the student's reasons for wishing to study at Stanford and any of the student's important qualities he or she would like Stanford to know about)

You will find more information about this student exchange program here: Stanford Law School's Visiting Exchange Students Program Information

About Stanford University

Stanford University is one of the world's leading universities. It has been ranked regularly among the top universities internationally. Stanford University is located in Silicon Valley, California, one of the most intellectually and economically dynamic areas of the world. Stanford Law School is one of the leading top law schools in the U.S. and worldwide, usually ranked among the top three law schools in the U.S.. Stanford Law School is internationally well known and highly respected, among others, for its many business law-related and technology law-related study and research programs. For further information, please visit Stanford Law School's website: