"European Studies" director Christoph Reinprecht on the new, updated syllabus

In his interview, Christoph Reinprecht provides insights into the adjustments made for the new curriculum.

"There are many reasons that make the master program relevant: the world is more complex than ever, the European integration process still not accomplished, and the challenges for a democratic, peaceful and sustainable development seems to be greater than ever."

The syllabus of the postgraduate master’s program "European Studies" has recently been updated in time for the winter semester 2023, taking into account the latest developments within the European continent and the EU as well as the amendment to the Austrian University Act (UG-Novelle). The new curriculum will focus even more on interdisciplinarity and practical relevance. New topics, as Christoph Reinprecht, scientific director of the master's program, explains, will cover inequalities in Europe, communication in and about Europe and a simulation of an EU legislative process.

The entire interview in English can be found here: Interview with Christoph Reinprecht

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