Please contact the Team Study Affairs and Student Services with questions regarding regular bachelor’s, master’s and diploma programs as well as university preparation program of the Vienna Universities (VWU) via contact form:

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Service Center

Hours open to the public:
You can reach us personally and via telephone at (+43)01-4277-10800 during the following times:

Monday: 09 am - 02 pm
Tuesday: 09 am - 02 pm
Wednesday: 09 am - 02 pm
Thursday:  09 am - 02 pm

You can reach us via mail: (admission) (graduation) (general information)

The Service Center team is also available during periods when there are no classes (i.e. February, July until September) at the times specified above. We announce changes to the opening hours on our website as well as on our notice boards at the Service Center.

The Service Center has the following responsibilities

  • General advice on continuing education (master's) programs and certificate programs offered by the Postgraduate Center
  • Collection of diploma documents and certificates
  • Submission of the master's thesis

Program Management

The Program Management of our continuing education and training programs is available via e-mail or telephone. The Program Management is responsible for a wide range of tasks, including:

  • Providing advice on specific continuing education and training offers, such as continuing education (bachelor's and master's) programs or certificate programs (requirements, language proficiency, admission periods).
  • Personal matters and specific inquiries regarding continuing education (bachelor's and master's) program and certificate program offers by the Postgraduate Center
  • Documents for funding bodies