Continuing Education at the University of Vienna

Our aim is to support people on their personal educational and career paths by providing academic continuing education programs. We offer a wide range of master programs, continuing education programs and certificate courses in the fields of

Postgraduate programs from the University of Vienna will provide you with specialized knowledge and give you a significant advantage in the employment market. You can upgrade your professional qualifications and adjust to changing employment requirements. In addition, postgraduate programs can open the way for a career change.

Please note that the tuition fees for our programs do not comply with the general tuition fee for studying at the University of Vienna.

We look forward to assisting you with finding the program that most suits your interest and needs and to help you to plan your career path.


Infoabend (hybrid)

Information Event


Internationales & Wirtschaft

In his interview, Christoph Reinprecht provides insights into the adjustments made for the new curriculum.


The University of Vienna is offering scholarships for incoming students studying an LL.M. program up to a maximum total amount of Euro 10.000.-.


Interested in a master program in the field of human rights? There are many reasons why you should get started. We picked 5 and looked deeper into...

International Affairs & Business

Alexandru Ivănoiu, Alumnus of the certificat course 2022/23 about the continuing education program "Cultural Management".