Scholarships for LL.M. studies at the University of Vienna

The University of Vienna is offering scholarships for incoming students studying an LL.M. program up to a maximum total amount of Euro 10.000.-.

The scholarships are funded by the Hochschulstipendienstiftung für Hörer der Rechte an der Wiener Universität (Higher Education Scholarship Foundation for Law Students at the University of Vienna). Application deadline is Monday, May 15, 2023. Applicants have to be accepted by the LL.M. program before May 15, 2023.

The scholarship is for special support of LL.M. studies at the University of Vienna for the tuition fee (no travel expenses). The requirements include a degree in law from a university abroad and particularly good academic results, as well as the letter of admission to the LL.M. program.


General requirements:

1. Foreign first law degree

2. Outstanding study performance (exams and academic papers)

3. The application must be made before the start of the LL.M. program.


Application and required documents

1. Completed application form

2. CV

3. Personal statement indicating the applicant’s professional qualifications, career plans, including a statement of reasons for pursuing the planned study program (max. two pages)

4. One letter of recommendation by a university professor or lecturer

5. Proof of necessary language skills

6. Copy of the admission letter to the LL.M. program at the University of Vienna (by 15 May 2023); incl. cost of the LL.M. program

7. Diploma and Transcript of records issued by the foreign university where the applicant completed his or her law studies

8. Details of other scholarships (incl. the amount) that have been received or applied for from third parties



1. The funds of the Higher Education Scholarship Foundation for Law Students at the University of Vienna will be paid out in two installments to the top candidates (Tuition Fees) and up to a maximum total amount of Euro 10.000.-.

2. Decisions on the award of scholarships are taken by the Selection Committee.

3. Applicants will be informed about the decision by e-mail towards the end of June 2023. We ask for your understanding that we cannot answer inquiries prior to the announcement of the results, neither by phone nor in writing.

4. One semester after the start of the particular LL.M. program, a transcript of records of the LL.M. program and the presence on-site must be confirmed in writing.

5. There is no legal entitlement for the award of scholarship.


Application deadline

Applications have to be submitted in writing between Wednesday, 19 April 2023, and Monday, 15 May 2023. Within this period, applications must be addressed without exception by e-mail to

Incomplete applications or applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered!


Selection criteria

1. Professional qualifications taking into account the study performance and academic performance (publications)

2. Language skills


Selection procedure

Ranking is based on the criteria laid out under “Selection criteria”, considering the available budget. Decisions on the award of scholarships will be taken by the Selection Committee, composed of Associate Prof. Dr. Christa Schnabl (Vice Rector for Educational Affairs), Prof. Dr. Walter Schrammel and Prof. MMag. Dr. August Reinisch.


Further information concerning the submission of the scholarship application is available at:  (in German) or per mail: