Voices of graduates

"Having studied this program as an architecture and design journalist, who is keen on developing, managing, and financing projects focused on these creative industries, was an accurate decision. Conceived to some extent like an ‘intensive boot camp,’ the course exceeded my expectancy, since it encourages the exchange of skills and knowledge within a multicultural environment, under the personalized guidance of the scientific leaders, as well as the administrative team of the Postgraduate Center.

In addition to the theoretical basis, one of the most significant inspirations was the first-hand expertise from diverse lecturers into their respective work settings. In the same way, with the challenge of coping with solo presentations, a collective synergy among colleagues and academics emerged, which motivates me, even more, to put into practice in my country of origin all the gained experiences."

Ignacio Hurtado

"Searching for a postgraduate professional education to deepen my experience in project management and focus on a cultural specialization, the Cultural Management Course was a perfect match. My expectations were exceeded as it was extremely well balanced (practical lectures were always embedded in a profound academic setting) and really efficient in terms of organization and administration. 

The course didn’t only improve my skills in audience development, community involvement and intercultural communication, but also had a great impact on my personal development and confidence. Lecturers from all over the world inspired the participants with their expertise and experience. In this international set up I had the possibility to grow and develop, always supported by the ambitions Course Management for whom it really was a personal concern that everybody could make the most of the course. In addition, getting to know peers from all over the globe was a great personal enrichment and inspiration for future projects and cooperation."

Johanna Rudorfer, BA

"The Cultural Management Course seemed to be perfect for me in order to widen my professionel horizon. As a specialist in the field of painting's conservation I gained additional skills for carrying out independent cultural or art related projects. The course was scheduled very intense, but according to the part-time-one-semester format, it was just perfect. I would not like to miss out on any of the interesting lectures we were offered.

I personally liked, that the course was organized in a very practical and motivating way. Also I decided for the course, because of it's international set-up, which enriched all our individual projects with many additional mind opening aspects. I felt well guided through the course and especially profited from the expertises of our supervisors and the general program management."

Mag.art. Elisabeth Schlegel

"After years in the field of cultural and political education in a museum, I had a strong desire to get new input and improve my competences and skills referring to the topics project coordination and project financing in the cultural sector. What I have gained from the course was much more. Working together on individual projects with people from all over the world with different skills and backgrounds was inspiring and motivating and put every project/idea on a higher level of professionalisation.

The course-weekends were good organised and well elaborated with theoretical and practical lectures from international experts, who gave us new and additional insights in the cultural sector. Combined with the strong support of the Course Management and Administration the Cultural Management Course encouraged me, to belief in my concepts and bringing them into life."

Mag. Philip Templ