Module 2 - Global Conversation

Workload in hours: 100
ECTS Credits: 4
Units: 30 


This module tie in with the finance techniques of Module 1 and focuses on EU-projects and proposals. These do not only open up new financial sources of funding but offer valuable project experiences, which become part of the participants' repertoire. The participants learn how to establish international partnerships, how to develop the "perfect" EU project, how to balance cooperation across borders, and - above all - how to write successful EU concepts. In addition, they will hear about theoretical and practical dimensions of diplomacy, of international dialogue (United Nations, OSCE), and of multicultural life and collaboration. The module will be complemented by an introduction into conflict management and applied diplomacy. 

Contents and Thematic Focus Areas

  • Identity Politics
  • EU Projects
  • Cultural Policy and Diplomacy
  • International Organizations
  • Intercultural Communication, Business Behaviour
  • Conflict Management