Module 3 - Media Management

Workload in hours: 75
ECTS Credits: 3
Units: 15


This module emphasizes the visibility of social and cultural projects within a media space known for its increasing commercial orientation. Participants study basic marketing strategies and thus link up to the project management learned in the first module. The students will get acquainted with marketing practices of NPOs and NGOs in England, Canada, and the US, and will learn to apply creative and innovative marketing strategies. The media module will address the economic, legal, and content structures of existing channels of publishing and dissemination. Examples range from press releases and book cover texts to blogs and audio spots to radio formats and trimedia work. Participants will develop the capacity to understand the principles of the media world. Innovative media formats will be discussed and elaborated.

Contents and Thematic Focus Areas

  • Marketing Concepts
  • Working with a PR Agency
  • Interview techniques as interviewer and interviewee
  • Website, Blog, Youtube, Soundcloud
  • Understanding and applying the structures and rules of Austrian Radio and TV formats
  • Developing journalistic network competencies