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Below you will find information about u:space (the student platform of the University of Vienna), the u:account (your personal access to the IT services of the University of Vienna), u:find (the online directory of the University of Vienna), Moodle (the learning platform of the University of Vienna) and your webmail access. 


u:space is the student platform of the University of Vienna. After creating a u:account, prospective students can access u:space to complete the initial registration. If you are a student or a graduate already, you can access your personal data on u:space and download documents such as the student record sheet, confirmation of enrolment, confirmation of periods of study or transcript of records as PDF files containing an official signature.


The u:account is your personal access to the IT services of the University of Vienna. It consists of the u:account UserID and the u:account password. Users can set both the UserID as well as the password themselves. u:accounts have to be set up by the users themselves. Otherwise, third parties could obtain their u:account password, which has to be kept secret according to the u:account regulations for use

Prospective students require a u:account for admission to a degree program on u:space. For information about creating the u:account and the registration for prospective students, please contact the Program Management after you have received the e-mail confirming that you have been admitted to the continuing education and training program. 


u:find is the online directory of the University of Vienna on which you can find, for example, the course directory as well as the directory of university staff and organisational units. The course directory provides information about the objectives, contents and methods of a course, the type of assessment, permitted materials, minimum requirements and assessment criteria, examination topics and literature used. 

Here you can find the current course directory of continuing education (bachelor's and master's) programs and certificate programs


moodle is the learning platform of the University of Vienna. On moodle, you can access study material, receive information about current developments, participate in online seminars and webinars or submit assignments and tasks. Your Program Management grants you access to the program-specific moodle platforms as soon as they are available. 

If you have technical difficulties (e.g. login problems), please contact moodle.pgc@univie.ac.at.  


As part of your u:account, you receive a personal e-mail address and mailbox.

You can send, receive and manage e-mails in a variety of ways:

  •  Using an e-mail program installed locally or an e-mail app – user guide
  •  Using Webmail in your browser

E-mail forwarding

You can set up auto-forwarding for messages sent to your e-mail address at the University of Vienna.   

>> Information about e-mail forwarding

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