Training events

A Staff Training Week is organised in the course of the UNIBILITY-project as well as a Summer School for Students.

Service learning projects with students

What is service learning? Students will have the chance to volunteer in businesses, NGOs or in the city they study in, in order to do research which actually effects the community. Service learning projects will be described here.

University Meets business (lectures)

Universities will conduct lectures with business partners in their city or region in order to actively cooperate about social problems or problems in the business world and to discuss scientific answers to these problems.

University Meets NGO (workshops)

NGOs often do not have a separate budget for continuing education, but they would benefit from workshops with experts and academics in certain topics. 10 workshops will take place in Fall 2016 with NGOs.

Final conference in Barcelona

In a final conference in Barcelona at September 22nd 2017, all results of the proiect are presented to university staff members, researchers and community partners.