"Fostering neighbourhood: Opening the university to the community"

The students will designed and coordinated an open day to foster good neighbourhood between the faculties in the campus of Asprela – particularly the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences (FPCEUP) – and the municipal residential quarters in the surrounding areas – particularly those who confine directly the FPCEUP.

Students organized the whole process, including:

  • contacts with the local village council  and the students’ unions from the surrounding faculties;
  • identification of possible activities/services that students from different faculties can implement for the local inhabitants (sports, medical screenings, dental hygiene, community garden, …);
  • organization of the open day, including dissemination;
  • coordination of the implementation of the open day activities/services.

The following activities were provided:

  • medical screenings
  • vocational and career guidance
  • music
  • face painting
  • community garden
  • chess
  • conflict management
  • Zumba class

The group of highly committed and creative students are: Ana Rodrigues, Bruna Vieira, Cátia Costa, Joana Ribeiro, Leonor Brito and Patrícia Vasconcelos.