Meeting Social Resonsibility in Barcelona

From July 18th to July 22nd, 2016, the UNIBILITY partners delivered the Summer School for students from different fields of study (psychology, sociology, engineering, business studies, American studies or other fields). In total, 38 students from Austria, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Romania and Slovenia took part in the training. The Summer School was hosted by the University of Barcelona, Faculty of Economics, Spain.

The five-day Summer School involved both presentations and discussions about social responsibility and social learning in the university context as well as practical examples of good practices from students, how they engage in social responsibility action and how they can have an impact on the local community and society as a whole. 

The Summer School was conducted with different didactic principles: theoretical inputs with plenary presentations, lectures and discussions on USR, working group sessions using the open space concept, and practical action planning workshops, and in particular one day of field trips throughout Barcelona. All activities were evaluated at the end.


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