From Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to University’s Social Responsibility (USR). A Reader.

(Dima/Resch 2016)

The Reader "From CSR to USR" is a comprehensive reading tool for professionals involved in university management, organizational development and lifelong learning working on social responsibility of universities. It includes eleven recent papers published about CSR and USR and short summaries of these publications. On 44 pages, all texts are summarized for an in-depth study or discussion with your students.

Table of contents:

  • Introduction
  • Starting out with the CSR state-of-the art
  • From CSR to USR – a shift for university policy
  • Continuing with the USR state-of-the art for universities
  • Conclusions for universities
  • References
  • Key terms
  • Critical thinking questions
  • ANNEX: Full texts

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