Reader - From CSR to USR
The Reader is a comprehensive and intensive reader-friendly tool for those who want to gain knowledge about universities’ social responsibility. It includes recent studies on USR and theory papers with summaries in English for a quick overview of the current and recent literature.

USR Toolkit of Practices
Are you interested in good practice examples how social responsibility is implemented between a university and its local environment? Then read into our Toolkit of Practices in which practices from Spain, Portugal, Austria, Ireland, Slovenia and Romania are analyzed.

USR Training Material
Training material on the social responsibility of universities for universities are rare and have not been developed yet. Are you interested in training staff members, students, or researchers in developing a strategy for social responsibility? Then contact us to receive our training material.

USR Guidelines
The USR Guidelines are a summary and a set of recommendations which contain examples and guidelines how to enable universities to successfully engage within their local community.