USR Training Material

Training material on social responsibility of universities in their local community is rare. The UNIBILITY project produced training material on the social responsibility of universities for staff members of universities working at departments or units for marketing, third mission, social responsibility or social projects interested in projects beneficial to the local community of their university.

Training material is available from a pilot one-week-staff-training for university staff members, held in Vienna, Austria from May 9-13, 2016. The training material contains presentations (about the rationale of social responsibility, reporting of social responsibility or measuring social responsibility), but also concrete handouts for workshops and action planning.  


Participants receive knowledge and experience in the following five areas / five training days:

  • DAY 1 Expectations and Introducing Social Responsibility
  • DAY 2 The concept of USR and USR Practices
  • DAY 3 USR Action Planning
  • DAY 4 Documenting and reporting on USR & Field Trips
  • DAY 5 Plenary Discussion, Networking, and Evaluation


Get the Training Material in several languages: