University of Vienna School of Law

Founded in 1365 by Duke Rudolf IV of Habsburg, the University of Vienna (Universität Wien) is one of the oldest universities in Europe with a long and outstanding academic tradition. Established in Austria's capital Vienna in the heart of Central Europe and the European Union, the University of Vienna is regularly ranked among Europe's top universities and is proud of having been the home of nine Nobel Prize Laureates. The University of Vienna traditionally has strong international relations in research and education with over 300 partner universities all over the world. Approximately 90,000 students from 130 countries are currently enrolled at the University of Vienna which offers more than 180 bachelor, master and doctoral programs. Research and education at the University of Vienna encompasses a broad spectrum of scientific disciplines, ranging from the humanities, social sciences, business and economics, law, to computer science, life sciences and natural sciences as well as theology. [more]

University of Vienna's School of Law (Vienna Law School) was also founded in 1365 and was one of the first law schools established in Europe. Today, its research and teaching activities comprise all traditional fields of legal studies as well as 38 special concentrations, some LL.M. programs and a doctoral program. For centuries, the Vienna Law School has been internationally renowned for its innovative power in pioneering legal frontiers and educating lawyers. Challenged by globalization and European integration as well as  the many new legal questions arising out of the intersection of law, science and cutting-edge technology, European Union law and technology law are among the current priorities of the Vienna Law School in research and education. Its faculty and scholars have been contributing significantly to the national and international exchange of ideas in both fields. Vienna is a vibrant internationally oriented city with its many international organizations, its international business community, its nearby technology clusters, and its dominant cultural emphasis. [more]