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The one-year (60 ECTS Credits) postgraduate program "Human Rights" of the University of Vienna has a clear jurisprudential profile. The program will provide for insights to theoretical legal questions and also convey practical skills that are necessary for working in the field of human rights.


Short Facts

Academic degree
LL.M. (Master of Laws)
2 semesters (extra occupational)
60 ECTS Credits
€ 13.000,-
annually in October


On October 23rd 2021 Univ.-Prof. Dr. Michael Lysander Fremuth, warmly welcomed all 26 participants (9 of them in the MLS program, 17 in the LL.M. program) for the start of the joint sessions of the master program "Human Rights". Further details can be found here.


You can read the article (in German) in the Austrian newspaper Salzburger Nachrichten from March 26th 2022, on the topic of human rights violations authored by one of our current participants, Michael Mair, here.


You can watch a video of the inaugural lecture "Solidarität und Menschenrechte – Von Rechten und Pflichten. Und Tugenden." of Prof. Fremuth, scientific director of the master program "Human Rights", here

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You can read an interview (in German) with the scientifc director, Prof. Fremuth, on Extrajournal.net to find out more about the new master program "Human Rights" here

Applications open

Applications for the start of the master program "Human Rights" in October 2022 are now open. You can find further information regarding the application process here


You can read interview (in German) on extrajournal.net with scientific director Prof. Michael Lysander Fremuthabout the master program "Human Rights" here

Ukraine Statement from Prof. Fremuth

You can find the Statement (in German) from scientific director, Prof. Fremuth, about the situation in Ukraine here.


On October 1st 2021 was the offical start ot the master program "Human Rights". Scientific director, Prof. Fremuth, welcomed the students and held the first lecture. Here you can see further details.

5 reasons

Interested in a master program in the field of human rights? Here are 5 reasons for the new postgraduate progam "Human Rights" at the University of Vienna.