Clinical pharmacy – medication review

Clinical pharmacy encompasses the branch of pharmacy that covers the science and practice of the appropriate use of pharmaceutical drugs. Clinical pharmacists are involved in patient-oriented care and contribute to optimising patients’ medication, promoting their health and preventing disease. Clinical pharmacy is not equivalent to hospital pharmacy. Clinical pharmacy is rather a branch of both hospital pharmacy and pharmacy practised in community pharmacies. Therefore, it ideally encompasses all health care settings. Participants in the certificate course acquire fundamental knowledge of pharmaceutical disease management as well as insights into medication review and management. In addition, the certificate course enables participants to independently carry out type 2a medication reviews.

Short Facts

Academic degree
Certificate of the University of Vienna
1 Semster
€ 2,960*
Application deadline
31. March 2020
Summer Semester 2020

* The costs for graduates of module 1 (“Medikationsanalyse Basiskurs”, basics of medication review by the Austrian Chamber of Pharmacists) are EUR 2,700.

The Austrian Chamber of Pharmacists provides its members who complete the certificate course with financial support in the amount of EUR 900.