One of the main problems of our society is that we do not move our bodies enough, and that we are not sufficiently aware of the impacts of movement. The academic discipline of psychomotricity is a creative answer of science to this problem, as it explores the connection between movement, socialisation and personality development. Movement plays an important role for life and learning, and the curriculum focuses on psychomotricity for all ages: children and adolescents, adults, and elderly people.

The psychomotor teaching and learning method, which is characterised by self-determination and social recognition, facilitates efficient learning and was developed within the framework of this university continuing education programe. The focus lies on the effects of movement on the physical and mental development of humans. This extra-occupational study programe at the University of Vienna is expected to make a positive contribution to education and health.


The continuing education program  is currently being curricularly revised according to new legal conditions.

If you are already interested in participating, please feel free to contact us and leave your contact information at We will be happy to keep you informed.

Voices from graduates and lecturers

Read here about the impressions and experiences of some graduates and one lecturer of the Psychomotricity university continuing education programme.

5 reasons

  • Unique in Austria
  • Practice-oriented and based on theory
  • Enthusiasm and trust
  • Renowned experts from science and practice
  • Additional qualification

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