Certificate Course "International Humanitarian Assistance"

The aim of this course is to convey in-depth and complementary knowledge as well as skills in humanitarian aid.

Units: 15 ECTS over the course of 2 semesters

Degree: Confirmation of Completion and Certificate

Tuition Fee: EUR 2.100.-

The certificate course includes the following lectures. The reference to the Modules indicate in which part of the Master course these lectures will be held in.

From Module 3: Risk Prevention and Mitigation Strategies
Strategic, Tactical and Operational Disaster Management (on a National and International Scale)2VO
State-wide Disaster Prevention and Risk Governance (Models and Control Mechanisms)4SE
From Module 4: Response and Recovery
European Civil Protection Mechanism3UE
From Module 7a: Humanitarian Aid
Fundamentals of Disaster Logistics, Actors and Missions of Humanitarian Aid  based on Case Studies and Simulation Exercises3VU
From Module 7e: International, European and Austrian Legislation concerning Risk Prevention and Disaster Management
International, European and Austrian Laws on Risk Prevention and Disaster Management3VU

 *changes may still apply

Course Types:

VO - Vorlesung (Lecture without continuous assessment, attendance not compulsory)

VU - Vorlesung mit Übungscharakter (Lecture with Exercises, attendance compulsory)

UE - Übung (Exercises, attendance compulsory)

SE - Seminar (attendance compulsory)