Certificate program "Risk Management"

The aim of the certificate program "Risk Management" is to convey a basic understanding of natural, technical or socio-economic processes and their possible influences and consequences, as well as the identification and assessment of the corresponding risks.

Short Facts

Certificate of the University of Vienna
2 semester
15 ECTS Credits

The certificate program provides participants with an overview of topics such as:

  • Terminologies, glossaries, technical terms and strategies in the field of risk and disaster management.
  • Possible impacts of natural, technical and/or socio-economic processes contributing to the emergence of risks, crises and disasters.
  • Dealing with risks and developing risk management plans and concepts in selected sub-areas, based on the principles.
  • Introduction to the basics of staff work for coping with crises and catastrophes.
  • Dealing with affected persons and/or media in the event of a crisis or disaster.
  • Principles for the independent performance of a risk assessment of an organization or a system.
  • The certificate course can be attended by the participants for obtaining the certificate risk manager according to ÖNORM D 4903 can be used.

The courses are attended by students of the certificate program as well as those of the continuing education (master's) program. Details (exact times, location, lecturer, etc. ) at the end of the certificate program are available on request, but no later than upon admission to the certificate program.


The certificate program includes the following lectures. The reference to the Modules indicate in which part of the continuing education (master's) program these lectures will be held in. 

Introduction to risk prevention and disaster management 2 VO
Natural hazards or optionally socio-economic aspects of vulnerability and resilience 2 VU
Spatial risk planning and technical risk management 2 VU
risk communication 3 UE
Integrated staff work/ business game  3 UE
Risk management for organizations and systems 3 VU

The courses take place mainly in Vienna and the surrounding area - but occasionally also in other parts of Austria, such as Kühtai or Bruck/Mur. Accommodation will be organised by OeRISK if required, but is not included in the course fees.