Certificate Course "Risk Assessment"

The aim of this certificate course on Risk Assessment is to convey an understanding of natural, technical or sociological processes, their potential effects and consequences as well as the identification and assessment of the according risks.

Units: 15 ECTS over the course of 2 semesters

Degree: Confirmation of Completion and Certificate

Tuition Fee: EUR 2.100.-

The certificate course includes the following lectures. The reference to the Modules indicate in which part of the Master course these lectures will be held in.

From Module 1: Fundamentals of Risk Prevention and Disaster Management
Introduction to Risk Prevention and Disaster Management2VO
From Module 2: Impact
Natural Hazards or Social and other Hazards3VU
Technical Hazards or Social and other Hazards3VU
Socioeconomic Context of Disasters 3VU
From Module 3: Risk Prevention and Mitigation Strategies
Fundamentals of Risk Assessment and Scenario Analysis2VO
Spatially based Risk Planning and technical Risk Management2-

Course Types:

VO - Vorlesung (Lecture without continuous assessment, attendance not compulsory)

VU - Vorlesung mit Übungscharakter (Lecture with Exercises, attendance compulsory)

UE - Übung (Exercises, attendance compulsory)

SE - Seminar (attendance compulsory)