Curriculum and Modules

The master program "Human Rights" has a scope of 60 ECTS. There are five modules, a master's thesis and a defense. You can find the curriculum and modules of the LL.M. program here below.


Curriculum of the LL.M.-Program (Englisch translation of the Curriculum (LL.M.))

MODULE 1:  Human Rights - General Theory and Legal Approaches
(10 ECTS)

  • Definition, History, Justification and Dimensions of Human Rights
  • Human Rights and the Law, Legal Sources, Methodology and Interpretation
  • Human Rights: Monitoring and Enforcement Mechanisms
  • Assessing Human Rights Violations, Filing Human Rights Complaints and Strategic Litigation


MODULE 2:  Human Rights as a Multi-Level Approach (Human Rights Systems)
(8 ECTS)

  • The Nation-State as Basic Unit for the Protection of Human Rights and the Principle of Subsidiarity
  • UN Human Rights Systems and Mechanisms
  • Regional Human Rights Systems


MODULE 3:  Specific Human Rights and Special Human Rights Challenges
(10 ECTS)

  • Human Rights Generations and Dimensions
  • Persons in Vulnerable Situations, Equality and Diversity
  • New Challenges for Human Rights


MODULE 4:  Practical Aspects of Human Rights
(7 ECTS)

  • Human Rights Practice, Approaches and Human Rights Education
  • Human Rights in an Organizational Context, Monitoring and Advocacy
  • Human Rights Litigation, Legal Mediation and Advice


MODUL 5:  Moot Court Competition
(8 ECTS)

  • Moot Court


(15 ECTS)

(2 ECTS)