Target Group and Application

  • Graduates aiming to use a sound legal training for an international career.
  • Graduates who want to deepen their knowledge in international criminal or economic law, investment arbitration, or dispute settlement, also in connection with human rights.
  • Professionals with extensive practical legal experience wishing to extend their theoretical understanding in international law.

Admission requirements

  • Candidates with already suitable experience and holding a law degree such as: JD, LL.B., or LL.M., or a degree with a substantial component in international law from a recognized tertiary institution.
  • Non-native speakers and applicants whose first law degree program was not taught in English are required to provide a proof of advanced English language proficiency (TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge Certificate).

Application deadline

The application deadline for applicants in need of Schengenvisa.: 31 May

If you obtained your law degree from a university outside Europe, you may need to have the degreecopy confirmed by apostille or even authentications from ministries before you upload the degree form in this application procedure. 
For this please check: 

Application Deadline for applicants not in need of Schengenvisa: 31 August